Conquering the “new normal” with confidence

From face masks to video calls, and everything in between – Canadians are set to put their best face forward post-pandemic.

Markham, Ontario – October 4, 2021: Between months of video calls and the emergence of the “work from anywhere” trend, Canadians won’t find themselves breaking up with their laptops anytime soon. The increase in “face” time has prompted many to explore beauty techniques they hadn’t previously considered. As Canadians eagerly look for ways to improve their physical features, many are also seeking emotional changes as well.  

There is no doubt the pandemic has prompted Canadians to seek new perspectives. From career switches to relationship decisions and big life changes, old plans have changed. With increased time spent on videos calls (with the screen as a constant mirror), we are more familiar with our faces than ever before. Dermatologists around the globe have seen an increase in consultations for minimally invasive facial injectable procedures, such as neuromodulators. According to a recent report, 94 per cent of dermatologists stated their most requested cosmetic procedure since the start of the pandemic are neuromodulators.1

“Neuromodulators, which are essentially wrinkle reducers, not only offer the freedom to choose how you want to see yourself but also the opportunity to retain your natural beauty without changing who you are,” says Dr. Renée A. Beach, MD FRCPC, Toronto Dermatologist. “Patients of all demographics report feeling more confident, which reaffirms their decision to use neuromodulators, and many consider it a form of selfcare. With such reliable results and significant satisfaction rates, patients are sharing their positive experience with their friends helps to normalize the use of neuromodulators as part of an overall beauty regimen.” 

Each person has a unique story and motivation behind their desire to explore facial injectables, including neuromodulator treatments. From important milestones, life changes and relationships, new career goals or simply wanting to look rejuvenated and refreshed, no two Canadians are alike. While many seek physical changes, the emotional benefits of neuromodulator treatments are now clinically recognized. Allergan Aesthetics has launched a new campaign called Still You, which features real patients with real stories instead of models or actors. Each featured patient has their own personal reason for choosing neuromodulator treatment, giving a platform to real voices to help tell their stories authentically and honestly. The goal is to create greater transparency and a judgement-free dialogue around the decision to choose aesthetic treatments.

“There are many different reasons for wanting to explore facial injectables, but one thing is consistent,” says Eric Tse, General Manager, Allergan Aesthetics. “Canadians want the confidence to be who they are and see themselves as how they want to be seen. No matter what the future holds, people are ready to put their best face forward whether that’s in-person, or virtually.”

Clinical studies have shown that 83 per cent of Canadians think facial injectables are more socially acceptable now than they were five years ago.2  From a satisfaction standpoint, research shows that after five years of continuous treatment with a neuromodulator, ninety-six per cent of patients continued to be satisfied.3   

“Many patients have observed a positive change in their social interactions after treatment. This change goes well beyond a simple physical effect and results in a meaningful impact on their lives,” says Dr. Jason Rivers, MD FRCPC, Vancouver Dermatologist. “We’ve seen emotional benefits in the majority of individuals who received neuromodulators and these modifications include improvement in both self-confidence and self-esteem.”

As the world embraces video calls and gradually moves to in-person meetings, facial injectables including neuromodulators are a valuable resource to Canadians looking to make a positive change physically and emotionally. It’s important to discuss your treatment plan and goals with your healthcare professional to ensure you achieve your desired and natural looking outcomes.
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