Grants and Donations

Allergan Aesthetics is committed to supporting Corporate Social Responsibility through our Grants and Donations process. All unsolicited grants are independently managed by the Grants and Donations Committee. Funding support is never intended to induce, incentivize or reward past, current or future prescribing, purchasing, formulary inclusion or reimbursement of Allergan Aesthetic products. We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, including tax and accounting rules.

Who is eligible to receive support:
It is generally acceptable for Allergan Aesthetics Canada to provide support to institutions, licensed charities, organizations, public healthcare institutions, public universities, and associations composed of healthcare professionals that provide healthcare or conduct research, provided they are restricted to the enhancement of patient care, genuine clinical research and/or genuine charitable causes.

What Allergan Aesthetics is able to support:
Allergan Aesthetics is able to support initiatives within its therapeutic areas of interest, and that are directly related to the improvement of patient healthcare quality, continuing professional development aimed at improving patient health, independent educational activities that foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical or healthcare issues that contribute to the improvement of patient care.

What Allergan Aesthetics is not able to support:
Allergan Aesthetics is not able to fund grants directly to individuals, including individual healthcare professionals, government officials, political causes, initiatives with primarily social or entertainment causes, general operational support for an organization, any program or initiative that might pose a possible conflict of interest for Allergan Canada.

Grants are not conditional upon requirement of the organization or its employees to prescribe, supply, sell or administer any of our pharmaceutical or medical device products.

Grants are not to be linked to the sale or promotion of Allergan Aesthetic products.

Grants are not provided in support of purposes or events where a fundamental focus is placed on generating profit for the recipient organization.

Grants are not provided to institutions or organizations whose foremost purpose is profit-generating.

Grants are not provided in support of purposes or events which fundamentally focus on commercial promotion of Allergan Aesthetic products.

Allergan Aesthetics avoids providing Grants that create a potential dependence of the recipient upon Allergan Aesthetics (e.g. when such funds make up a disproportionate amount of the recipient’s annual income of where Allergan Aesthetics provides multiple Grants or Donations to the same of related/affiliated organizations).

How to submit a grant:
To submit a Grant Request, please follow the steps outlined below:

1.    Complete a Canadian Grants and Donations Request Form. Please ensure to always download a new form for each request as the form may be updated from time to time.

2.    Send the fully completed Form to accompanied by your institution’s Articles of Incorporation or equivalent. Please ensure to answer all the questions on the form and provide all requested information. Instructions on how to complete the form and acceptable types of accompanying documents are included in the Guidelines section contained in the form.

3.    The Committee will acknowledge receipt of your request. If additional information is required, a member of the Committee will reach out to you directly.

4.    The Committee review time can take 6-8 weeks, plus additional requester response time, once all information is received.

If you have any questions about your Grant or Donation Request, please communicate with the Committee directly at